Jul. 11th, 2009

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I'll do this tonight, since by the time we get home tomorrow I'll prolly be back into full-on freak-out-about-homework mode.  Bristol was a good time.  The Faire is Big!  With my limited memory, comparable to Michigan.  I think it's almost too big for my taste, thought that could just be the cast, and not the actual size.  There were three sections of cast, the Nobles w/ the Queen (around 30 members), Robin Hood and his Merry Men and the Towsfolk (dunno how many, prolly around 20 or so), and the peasant dancers (20 or so).  The three groups don't interact with each other at all, and only seemed to marginally interact with playtrons.  We're planning on following the Robin Hood plot line tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.  But the Nobles had such a huge court and just didn't interact really at all with any one outside of it.  Though the cute guy who played Philip Howard was at least aware of other people and played a tad with us.  

The peasants did the dancing and the "pub sing" (more on that later).  For on thing, there was no advertising, and thus no crowd for either the dancing or the pub sing.  And by no crowd I literally mean Liz, Corinne, and myself we the only ones watchings. The dances were very so-so, and slow!  They did Rufty Tufty, but slower than we do, and that made it less interesting. They also did the version of Gay Gordons that we learned at VARF.  So that was happy. (I like that version, though I do miss the polka).  We tried to talk to them and they kinda of ignored us and circled away.  Made me feel like a heckler, even thoguh logically that makes no sense.  And as for the pub sing at the end of the day... They have no pub!  Or rather, no seating.  There's a bar and then the street all around it.  The pub sing was conducted by the peasant group again, and wasn't very good, thoguh that could have been because it was hard to hear.  We wandered off about half way thru, partly because of sore feet and wanting to actually be able to sit somewhere, partly because we realized we were standing right next to a bee's nest, and partly because the pub sing just wasn't worth it.  

Tomorrow we're going to go watch Robin Hood and his merry Men for a bit.  They're the only ones who have fighting, and that is a very limited amount, and all unannounced lane fights.  I don't know how late we're staying, though prolly not too too late. I wore my red and yellow garb today, and I'm just going to wear my cameleon tomorrow methinks.  More comfy and maybe a little cooler (Though the heat wasn't that bad anyways).  

 In other news, I bought nice comfy Son of Sandler knee high buckle boots.  Comfy comfy!  I also visited the juggling booth and one of the girls there showed me some new pi tricks, so I have something to practice for awhile.  She explained the five beat weave a little better, and showed me how to Butterfly and some tricks that branch off that, and do a 3 beat spin.  


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