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Mar. 7th, 2009 10:59 pm
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Today was a good day.  We (guildies and others) celebrated the coming of Spring Indian style with the festival of Holi.  Basically you throw brightly colored powders on eachother.  It's the festival of colors.  There are some excellent pictures of us on Facebook.  The throwing of colors also involves eggs, yogurt, soda, among other things.  The weather was gorgeous and windy and it smells like Spring!  

For dinner (after a shower where it looked like blood was running off me) a group of us went to B-dubs and played some trivia.   This was all a way to hang out and pre-game before the Mythbusters talk.  On the way to the RPAC for the event we took a few minutes to play the outdoor metal drum set thinger.  

Mythbusters was awesome.  It was with Kari and Grant.  They talked about their favorite shows and myths and what they liked best about working on the show and blowing stuff up, etc.  Then they took questions from the audience.  Grant apparently worked on Battle Bots, and piloted R2D2 in the prequel movies.  

After that we wandered around outside and climbed trees on the Oval.  It was just windy enough to get a little sway in the upper branches.  The bad news about the day is I think I may be getting a cold or something.  My throat is killing me.  Although I think that may be because i swallowed to many of the colored powders this morning.  On the other hand I'm beginning to get achy.  So, no good.  I think I may be going to bed here shortly.

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That sounds cool, I'll have to take a look at the pictures.

Hm, I've never seen anyone actually play that drum set before. I always wondered if it was just supposed to be a statue and not for actual use.


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