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Bud Light Jenga House: 9
Betty White Snickers Football: 6
Creepy Shuffling Football Team: 2
Ninja Bark Collar Doritos: 7.5
Overprotective Child Doritos: 5.5
2012 Space Station Bud Light: 8
Simpsons Coke: 5.5
Go Daddy Massage Creeper: 4
Doritos Zombie Casket: 6
AutoTuned Bud Light: 6.5
Fiddling Beaver Monster: 8
Free Willy Bridgestone: 5
Genius Child 4
Budweiser Bridge Builders: 6
Career Builder Naked Fridays: 8
Dockers No Pants Choir: 6.5
LOST Bud Light: 5
Well Known Overture w/ Full Life of Dude Abitrary Dove: 8
Bitter Boyfriend Monologue Dodge Charger: 5
Dead Boxed Flowers: 4
Midget KISS Dr. Pepper: 5.5
6 More Weeks of Football: 5
Whipped Boyfriend Flo TV: 5.5
Sad Intel Robot: 7
"My Generation" Flo TV: 6.5
CarMax Dramatic Prairie Dog and Dramatic Cockatiel: 4.5
Miller High Life Small Business: 4
Megan Fox Motorola Sexting: 5
Blind Man Color Punch VW: 7
All Rooster Denny Egg Layers: 4.5
Homeaway Worst Vacation Ever: 4
Supervillians Fail Bridgestone: 4
kgb sumo wrestling: 6
Sleepwalking Safari for Coke: 5.5
eTrade cheating Babies: 4
Census Snapshot of America: 4
Google Dating Tips: 9
Sock Monkey Dreams Big: 7.5
Blue Light Special Chase Not Alone: 4
Vizio Robot Revolution: 6.5
Emerald Nuts Stupid Human Tricks: 6
Dante's Inferno Game: 4
Budweiser Babies Grow Up: 5
Clepto-Squirrel Collects for Winter: 5.5
Denny's Screaming Roosters in Space: 5
Green Police: 8.5
Taco Bell Music Video: 4
Dorito Samuri: 9
Bud Light Book Club Creeper: 7
eTrade Crying babies: 3
Go Daddy fake news flasher:
Stealth Birthday Denny Chicken: 6
eTrade Airplane baby: 4
Carmax Dramatic Marmoset & Dog: 5
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