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 Saturday started out normal enough.  Last time Thom came up we went to the Park of Roses and walked around, talking about how we should come back next time to take pretty pictures.  So when he came up this weekend it was completely unexpected that he suggested we go back to the park to take pictures.  We got lunch at Mark Pi's (my fortune was "You will do something different this coming weekend."  Maybe I should put more stock in fortune cookies...) and then headed back to the apartment to grab jackets and cameras.  It was kind of sprinkling outside, but not bad, and stopped by the time we left.  We got the Park of Roses, Thom with his video camera, and me with my digital camera.  He was video taping, saying things like "And this is the Queen Anne rose" and stuff like that.  Naming the roses varieties as we went along.  We each went off in our own directions.  I was taking close up shots of the flowers and he was doing an overview of the garden in general it seemed.  We'd call each other over to see particular varieties of roses that we found particularly appealing so the other could see them.  The sky was beginning to get rather ominous when Thom called me over to take a look at a pretty variety of rose.  I got distracted a few times on the way over, seeing flowers that I needed to take pictures of :).  Right as I was getting up to head over, it started raining.  Thom was kneeling beside the rose bush and I looked down and saw the ring in the center of one of the roses.  He looked up at me and said "I beleive this is the 'will you marry me rose'."  I squeed, said yes, kind of fell down on to Thom to hug him, and then go drenched as it started down pouring in earnest.  I slipped the ring on, and we walked back to the car, not even really caring about the rain, save that it was really cold. I don't know that I've ever actually been so happy that I cried before.


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