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We were told to pick any literary or historical figure we wanted, fiction or not, and write a monologue from that character's point of view.

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July 21

Start of a new week, new teacher.  I don't know how I feel about Susy.  She seems exceptionally eccentric; exceedingly clever, but loses all of us in the process.  She's big into Freudian Literary Analysis and myth.  It has its place, but seems as though its the only interpretation she'll accept.

We went into the city again for our excursion.  We walked through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel underneath the Thames.  Kind of cool, kind of frightening.  Susy's also really paranoid.  She stops every hundred yards or so for us to 'regroup.'  We're so used to walking with Peter, and he would totally just ditch us with "Oh, they're big kids.  They'll be fine."  It's so frustrating traveling with her.

We went to St. Paul's Cathedral.  It wasn't as big as Salisbury Cathedral, but still huge.  It's built on the site of an old temple to Diana.  It is the east church of the city while Westminster Abbey is the west church, being built on the site of an old temple to Apollo.  A few of us went up in the Dome, and got a wonderful view of the city.  The spiral stairs going up were small, steep, dark and just generally claustrophobic.

After St. Paul's we went to see the London Stone.  It is the stone that has been used to declare kingship (think King Arthur, sword in the stone, etc.).  It was set in a dim and dusty cellar behind an unobtrusive bit of glass.  It was rather dull and forgotten for the most part.

Then a few of us went to the Greenwich Royal Observatory.  We walked up a really steep hill to get there.  We saw the Prime Meridian, where you could stand with a foot in each hemisphere.  We also saw the laser that constantly makes minute adjustments to the meridian.  We also saw the Camera Obscura. That was quite amazing to look at.

On St. Paul's Cathedral...

Walking 'round and 'round in the dim, dusty air she pants as the staircase winds doesil up into the sky.  Tis ancient site to Diana bears little resemblance to the Diana she knows.  As she emerges from the pressing darkness into the bright blue, she once again encounters the Goddess.
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This post is mostly for Anna and Mike to read, but I welcome anyone else to as well.  This is my final paper, and ethnographic paper, for English 367.05, a class on folklore.  I really, really enjoyed all the research.  I wish I had more time to work on this.  More quarters.  Had the time to write more.  Chapters.  A book.  In any case, it was really enjoyable, I liked it and wish I could do more.  Perhaps if I end up doing senior research...

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So, I recently rediscovered the cover I made for my AP English Portfolio.  It's a collection of artfully arranged quotes that in some way relater to literature, the class, or the English language in general.  I thought some of you may find it interesting at the very least.  It was fun for me to work on.  The title of my portfolio is  
Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious later I'll post some of the pieces I used in my portfolio.  *shrugs*  Anyways, Enjoy!


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