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Happy Beltane!
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 I am officially the first person to walk across Mirror Lake this year.  I made snow angels and walked all over.  I was out there for nearly half an hour in the beautifully falling snow with the cold stinging my cheeks.  It was wonderous.  It was probably reckless and dangerous, but I figure there are also much worse things I could have chosen to do in my disregard for my personal safety.  I was careful, I know how to handle ice.  I listened for cracks and creaks and found none.  Communing with Nature is always able to turn my day around, or my week around, or whatever.  I feel so much better after that half-hour on the ice.  I realized that I used the participation and one-mindfulness skill without even trying.  With Nature it is almost never a problem to fully experience Her, to lose myself in Her.  When people saw me out on the ice they had varying reactions.  A few smiled and shook their heads; clearly I am crazy.  A few made snide remarks; they want me to fall in.  A few were awed at my bravery; oh how foolish I must be.  But a few, a slim few, followed me out onto the ice.  They saw my footprints; they could see where it was safe to walk. 

Mother of Poetry,
Let creativity and inspiration flow into my heart!
Mother of Smithcraft,
Give me the power to change!
Mother of Healing,
May I feel Your Love and Peace!
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Magnificant Goddess
Life force
Sacred passion
Burning desire
Sensual ecstasy
Mother of pleasure
We choose to live our lives that we may know thee
To welcome thine embrace
And cherish all true lovers
Through all time
To honor the depth of feeling
You awaken in us
And always to keep our hearts open
To you and to them
To give and recieve of thy pleasures
That are forever at one with thee
And magick
And ritual
And love
To honor thy presence in other lovers
Whether thou appearest in one
Between two
Among three or more
Be they old, young, rich, poor, male, female
Black, brown, yellow, white, or red
We will stand by thee
And their right to know thee.
We promise never to use thy divine energy
To control or exploit another
And to protect ourselves from those who would so use us
To say no to sexual advances
When thou art not present

And sweet Goddess
We also make this promise
To ourselves and thee
That we remain ourselves
As we dance and merge through thee
And re-emerge again...
And seek to comprehend the thorns
That grow among thy roses
For thou art a wild bird
O Great One,
That must fly to be free...


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