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July 19

Oh my god, we went to Stonehenge today!  It was absolutely amazing.  Farrukh has connections and totally got us into the inner circle.  I got to hug and touch the stones.  I got a chance to say a small prayer while in there.  Touching the stones is so moving.  We spent most of our 15 minutes in the circle taking pictures (in addition to simply being amazed that we were in there at all).  Farrukh got some really amazing shots.  He's going to email them to us in a zip file and then give Andrea a CD with all the full size shots later.

It was extremely spiritual being in side the circle and able to wander amongst the stones.  There are ley lines that run through Stonehenge, and I must admit, I felt something in there, touching the stones.  I don't know what, but it was like you could feel some sort of power resonating.  It was so surreal.  Maybe that was just an effect of the dark clouds ovetaking the sunny sky across the plains that surround Stonehenge, but I think not.

It's the kind of experience that I'm goign to rememeber forever, and tell my grandkids about.  Touching and walking amongst the stones like that is the kind of thing that not many people will get a chance to do in their life, but if they do they should jump on it.  I don't think I've ever had a life changing experience, but if I have, this must be it.

When Farrukh was taking pictures, a lot of the shots were cool perspective shots.  Things like us holding up the stones, eating them, leaning on them, kicking them over, etc.  There's also some really pretty shots of me looking comtemplative, pious, and pensive.  We also, of course, did the obligatory O-H-I-O shot.  I submitted it to the website.

So, before we got to Stonehenge we were exploring the town of Salisbury.  It's a very pretty medieval town with not as much in the way of tourism, so it was a lot quieter.  The river Avon runs through the town.  In a couple of places there were steps that led right down into the water.

We visited the Salisbury Cathedral.  It's huge inside.  The tallest cathedral spire in the UK is on that cathedral.  Inside there was a fascinating medieval clock.  It was still in operation and ran on a series of pulleys and weights.  There were elaborate stained glass windows depicting all sorts of scenes fromt he Bible and various saints' lives.  My favorite one was o f St. George slaying the Dragon.  We saw one of the original copies of the Magna Carta.  That was kinda cool.  Farrukh took some pictures of us in a pretty courtyard/graveyard.

After visiting the Cathedral we had tea time at 4 o'clock.  We had tea and scones with clotted cream and jam.  It was in a little garden behind a huge historic manor.

On the train ride there and back Justin, Lindsey, Andrea, and I played a few games of Euchre.  We were all excited that we'd finally found four people who knew how to play.


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