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2009-02-25 03:59 pm

When Life takes a turn for the worse... (it often hits your car)

 So, my car got smashed into over the weekend.  The entire rear bumper shattered and the trunk popped up a bit.  

It was just parked on 14th minding it's own business.  Anyways, I had no information until today when the police accident report finally came in.  The driver was drunk and stated "he couldn't remember what had happened."  Turns out my car wasn't the only one that got hit.  The car parked behind me was also side-swiped.  So, the accident report said that the driver's got insurance, and his insurance is going to pay for everything.  So I went to CarStar today to get and estimate.  $1685.76.  Thank god I'm not paying for it.  Still going to be a pain in the ass to take to get fixed and what not.  I need to try and get it done before my new job starts on March 24th, so I have a car to drive to get there.  Hopefully I can get it all taken care of when I go home in a couple weeks.  

In other news, this is the last week of February.  That means I should find out about grad school either this week or next week.  I'm super anxious all over again, and it sucks.  I keep trying really hard not to think about what happens if I don't get in.  I'm trying to take things one step at a time right now.  I have back up plans, I just would rather not have to worry about them and just get into the M.Ed. program here.  

Guild stuff is going well.  I've been posting some videos of Madrigal and other guild-related things to YouTube  I'm learning how to use iMovie on my Mac.  I think it's silly that they got rid of all the useful features (like slowing down and speeding up clips, and putting them in black & white) in iMovie '08.  To do anything like that I still have to take the files to the multi-media lab in Sullivant.  I've been working a few sewing projects.  Thom's hose have been on hold recently because he's been busy with schoolwork and I haven't gotten him to try mock-ups on for me.  I'm working on new garb for this year (I was originally going to just wear my dress again, until I absolutely loved how well my scarlet and gold bodice turned out).  I'm in the process of making a French hood to go with it.  I'm currently on mock-up #2, which should actually be wearable.  The first attempt ended up way to small.  It wouldn't even fit the small girls in guild, so if anyone has a younger sibling who they think would want a red and blue French hood, let me know. (Meg, would this be useful to any of your theatre groups?)

Things with Thom are still going smoothly.  We've both been really busy and stressed out, but it hasn't seemed to put too much stress on our relationship.  Things will be much better once I find out about grad school.  We've found a place to live next year that we both really like, but we don't want to sign anything until I find out for sure where I'll be.  It's a little townhouse on Tompkins.  We'd still be close enough to campus to be able to get to classes next year, but far enough away to hopefully get away from all the crazy noise.  (Supposedly we'd also have garage parking. Yay!)

The kitties are doing well.  Velcro has mellowed out so much and so now Diego pretty much has rule over the apartment.  He can be a little menace, but he's such a cuddle whore and so cute that you can forget about it most of the time.  He likes to be involved in all the garb making to the point of putting his paws between the scissor blades.  Luckily there have been no accidents yet, but I still have to be really careful with him around.  Velcro is really warming up to Thom and Amanda.  He's taking to sitting with Thom in the morning and curling up against his legs.  

I think that's all for now.  Over and out!
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2009-02-25 07:18 pm
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